Mentor Driver - (PPE) Protection Section: Parts 1-4
Mentor Driver - (PPE) Protection Section: Parts 1-4
This four part PPE series includes: (Pt. 1) Head Protection - This first in a series of four videos begins with a big picture view of the "what and why" of PPEs in general. We then move on to an in-depth discussion and "how-to's" on inspecting and properly caring for head protection; (Pt. 2) Eyes and Ears - This lesson provides information on the five specific types of eye protection and when we should be wearing each one; (Pt. 3) Vests and Gloves - This lesson provides a discussion on the three classes of safety vests, their differences, and guidance on when each type is appropriate; (Pt. 4) Boots - The series wraps up with a look at one of the most abused but most critical pieces of PPE - our boots. Based on the collaborative efforts of Danner Shoe Manufacturing Company, this lesson provides six tips critical to getting the best shoe.
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