Pervious Concrete: Mixture Proportioning - CD (1- 4 cps.)
Pervious Concrete: Mixture Proportioning - CD (1- 4 cps.)
This software program helps the user to establish mixture proportions for pervious concrete for a design void content and optimum consistency. Along with the software two documents are included. The first document is a guideline that details the pervious concrete mixture proportioning methodology. The second document is a research report that provides experimental validation of the mixture proportioning methodology based on testing conducted at the NRMCA Research Laboratory. A special feature of this software program is that the mixtures can be designed for a void content that is close to that measured by the newly standardized ASTM C1688 Standard Test Method for Density and Void Content of Pervious Concrete. The program was developed by NRMCA Engineers after more than a year of laboratory research work.
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