Jobsite Chute Rinse Off - Online
Jobsite Chute Rinse Off - Online
$100 for Members/$400 for Non-members. 10 viewers/30 day streaming

Drivers will learn the correct way to handle chute rinse-off at a construction site. The lesson details various methods drivers can use to get their chutes clean while not violating environmental regulations. It also discusses the driver’s responsibility to adapt to each job site’s requirements and when to notify the company if there is a problem. Finally, the lesson points out that chute rinse-off plays a role in fleet maintenance as well as being a safety factor, in that rinsing off a chute correctly prevents debris from hitting other vehicles as the mixer returns to the plant.

One purchase is a 30 day streaming license for 10 individuals to view the 25 minute video lesson and take the quiz. Lesson is accessible from any computer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Includes automatic recordkeeping system and individual Certificates of Completion by name and date to help supervisors comply with required safety training logs.

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