Mentor Driver - Slump & Deliver DVD
Mentor Driver - Slump & Deliver DVD
Slump and Deliver teaches mixer drivers how to check the slump of concrete before leaving the plant as well as their role on the job site with the customer and a third party technician. Four key objectives are covered: 1. Defining slump and "over design" 2. The effect of adding water to concrete beyond design specification 3. The correct procedure to measure the slump of fresh concrete 4. How to estimate within ½" the slump of concrete just prior to testing by a qualified, certified technician. Reduce your company's chance of a rejected load by training every mixer driver about one of the industry's most important technical topics. Slump and Deliver is an essential addition to every concrete plant's training library. Run time - 10:15 min. 2011 This item is out of stock.
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