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This course for the ready mixed concrete industry teaches its participants about financial management and performance of successful ready mix operations. The course was developed based on insights gleaned from NRMCA's annual Performance Benchmarking Survey and intended to give participants an overview of the industry, focusing on identifying and addressing the factors that are causing the ready mix industry to see poor returns and deteriorating results in a strong market. The course... Details
When: May 3–6, 2021
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When: May 10–17, 2021
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When: June 3–17, 2021
Where: Online
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The Effective RMC Supervisor Course helps ready mixed concrete operations supervisors lead their staff. The challenge is a tough one because their people management tactics must align with the organization’s strategy and mission while their personal success is judged by the work of their direct reports. Without using proper communication and motivation skills/tools to successfully manage these responsibilities, many supervisors become frustrated. It typically is the highest turnover... Details
When: November 9–11, 2021
Where: Dallas, TX