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Dispatcher Forum

Dispatcher Forum
Today more than ever: Dispatchers work under increasing pressure, juggling competing demands in a recovery market. New dispatchers often learn unevenly while under fire. Seasoned veterans can find it difficult to step back and find ways to improve.

An effective course:
With a small class-size and lots of personal attention from expert instructors, this class arms dispatchers, schedulers, shippers and managers with the ready-mixed
concrete-specific technical, practical and customer-service skills needed to succeed.

Put learning to work: Attendees return ready to perform even more efficiently in core skill areas:

• Putting Orders in Order: Mastering technical, practical and customer-service issues
• Scheduling Success: Juggling priority customers, advance notices, callbacks & more
• Technically Speaking: Gaining basic product and materials knowledge
• Supporting Efficiency: Understanding batching basics & plant operations flow
• Sustaining Compliance: Drivers’ hours of service, safety & environmental regulations and best practices that impact scheduling and delivery flow
• People Professionalism: Managing stress, phone skills and peers
• Details, details, details: Clean-ups, small load charges, CODs...the list goes on and on
1/28/2020 8:00 AM - 1/30/2020 12:30 PM
Embassy Suites - Lake Buena Vista Resort 8100 Lake Street Orlando, FL 32836

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